No need to spend thousands on a website.
Most start up companies need just a simple web presence.

Don't be afraid.....

can get you up on line without choking your budget:
5 Pages - Set up: $300 includes:
securing a url address, designing a header
and *placing your text and company particulars with
slideshows of services accomplished*
(*because we don't know about every company
out there we must rely on your descriptions
of what you offer.  Also, you will have to provide us
with your photos - cell phones photos are usually fine.*)
Generally pages are: Home, Residential, Commercial,
Contact and About
then it's $20 per month for hosting and
general maintenance (adding photos, text)
No charges for additional same format pages

Too much for what you need?
We also offer a landing page -just one page - which includes:
url address, header, your company contacts
and a slideshow of photos.
$100 set up and $10 per month.
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